Hunting: Whitetail Deer Hunting


Whitetail deer hunting with Westervelt Sporting Lodges is done smoothly, capably, and thoroughly.

The unique combination of prime habitat, an ideal population level and our own innovative quality deer management practices ensures a free range deer herd unexcelled in quality. Westervelt Sporting Lodges has 10,000 aces of what is said to be “some of the finest white-tailed deer hunting found in the U.S.”

You demand genuine excellence for yourself, family, your clients and your associates. It’s all here for you!  Westervelt’s unique atmosphere, experienced staff, rustic elegant facilities, the relaxed comfort and our sumptuous Southern food, ensure that you’ll find what you came for. There is no better place for family memories, client entertainment or an invigorating escape from work-a-day tensions in the challenge of true fair-chase hunting.

At Westervelt Lodge, deer hunters may harvest a buck each day of your stay as long as each buck meets age or point and antler spread restrictions. The herd at Westervelt Lodge contains many young eight points. These are the mature, trophy bucks of the future. We ask that you use good judgment while hunting. Not all eight-points are created equal—the difference is age. Please harvest only those bucks judged in physical appearance to be 3 1/2 years or older, with eight or more points and ear-width spread.

Adequate doe harvest is essential in maintaining desirable deer density and balanced sex ratio. The results are apparent in a quality deer herd in balance with the habitat, and better quality bucks for our customers. Hunters are strongly encouraged to harvest a doe during their hunt. Accurately identify and harvest does at your discretion.

Our scientific management began in 1951 and has produced optimum sex ratios at Westervelt.

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