Angling: Deep Sea Fishing


The Pacific coast of Central America is a hotbed of activity for big game fishing.  Westervelt Sporting Lodges offers a unique partnering opportunity to fish in both Costa Rica and Guatemala for a variety of sport fish including blue or black marlin, tuna, wahoo, dolphin and sailfish. 

Landing a tough fighting sport fish is a heart-throbbing test that can last for hours.  On our boats, we do the hard work for you and our guides are so knowledgeable you’ll only have to focus on reeling in line!  In fact, on one trip two anglers caught and released 111 sailfish in just six days of fishing!

The peak season in Guatemala is November– May, and in Costa Rica it is December – May.  Both locations offer luxurious accommodations, excellent dining, and time-honored, hospitable service.

Because fishing is more fun when you’ve got friends to share it with, Westervelt Sporting Lodges Central American deep sea fishing trips is an excellent option for groups of up to four anglers.

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