Wing Shooting: Woodcock and Grouse Hunting


Notorious for its native woodcock and grouse populations, New Brunswick, Canada, provides an ideal setting for hunting these unique upland birds.  

The woodcock is a small bird about the size of a man’s fist, and is only hunted over pointers as they are known to maintain camouflage from as close as three feet!  Slow moving but with an erratic flush that often includes spiraling, accompanied by a unique whistle, these birds are a challenge to shoot.

Grouse provide their own challenge as they exist in densely wooded habitats and offer a flush that is both quick and loud, giving hunters only a few seconds to get a good shot.  The natural branches of their habitat provide safe escape for the birds, while providing obstruction for hunters, making a successful grouse shoot a crowning achievement.

Hunting woodcock or grouse with Westervelt Sporting Lodges is fun and challenging.  If our expert guides cannot have you in front of birds in record time, no one can!

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