Wing Shooting: Plantation Quail Hunting


The grassy footing beneath a pine plantation is an ideal habitat for bobwhite quail in the Southeastern United States, and lends its name to a style of hunting known as “plantation quail.”

A plantation quail hunt at Westervelt Lodge in Aliceville, Alabama, guarantees an abundant bag of birds at the end of the day by utilizing a wildlife management program that both increases and sustains the bird population.

Hunted over well-trained pointers, bobwhite quail are famous for their flush, which can take even an experienced hunter by surprise.  They tend to freeze when alarmed, camouflaging perfectly in the pine needles and grass, then fly fast, with their wings making a thrush as they ascend.  

The distinct “bob-white” call which gives them their name is heard frequently in the autumn and winter months of the year.  Plantation quail hunts are an excellent group activity and a favorite amongst the Westervelt Sporting Lodges Network.  With good friends, good food, stylish pointing dogs, and an abundance of birds, what more could a hunter ask for?

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