Wing Shooting: Dove Hunting


Whether it’s done in carefully managed habitats like the fields at Westervelt Lodge in Aliceville, Alabama, or in the agricultural grassy plains of Argentina, dove hunting is an unrivaled wing shooting experience always sure to leave diehard enthusiasts wanting more.

Our dove hunting opportunities seldom disappoint.  Flights in America can be affected by a multitude of both natural and environmental conditions, so the staff at Westervelt Lodge in Aliceville, Alabama, expends serious energy in the development and maintenance of proper food plot feeding areas to entice birds in, giving hunters multiple opportunities to shoot.

In Argentina the conditions are very different.  The rich grasslands, “pampas” as they are called, provide such an ample food supply that there is no season for dove hunting there – it’s open year round!

Regardless of the continent, dove hunting with Westervelt is a special experience.  Our guides stay the course to ensure optimum results, and our after-hunt gatherings are almost as legendary as the hunts themselves.  For a superior dove hunting experience, look no further than Westervelt Sporting Lodges Network.

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