Hunting: Wild Turkey Hunting


The Spring turkey season lasts only one month in Alabama, so it is wildly popular amongst hunters of this game bird.  Westervelt Lodge is a prime location for trophy quality toms, and offers hunters a unique opportunity to spend time deep in the woods, while enjoying the rustic, well-appointed lodge atmosphere.

From the early morning wake-up call and continental breakfast, through the morning hunt and subsequent proper breakfast, to evening hunts in either wooded areas or on food plots, turkey hunting at Westervelt Lodge is an exercise in both tradition and sportsmanship.

Turkey hunting requires extreme patience and skill, and no one knows this better than the guides at Westervelt Lodge.  In fact, our Turkey Hunting School, held each April, is often booked several years in advance!  Our guides are eager to help you bag a gobbler, and look forward to your visit.  

Visit the Westervelt Lodge site to purchase an EZ Ezelle Turkey Call, the preferred call used within the Westervelt Sporting Lodges Network.

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