Angling: Rainbow and Brown Trout


Fly-fishing anglers roam the world searching for the ideal streams to catch rainbow and brown trout. Notorious for their fight, the rainbow and brown trout are elusive fish with strong predatory instincts, and our guides are experts in practicing the “stalk and hunt” method of casting. A few casts with the right fly, and you’re in for an angling experience diehard enthusiasts can only describe as “religious.”

Both species were introduced to New Zealand from Europe and have taken to the native streams so well that New Zealand has become a global hotspot for the best trout fly fishing. Half of the fun in landing a big trout is getting to the “beat,” or the known areas where fish feed. At Poronui Ranch on New Zealand’s North Island, this is sometimes accomplished by helicopter, though driving out and walking is the most common practice.

At Westervelt Sporting Lodges, our guides can take a novice angler to an efficient caster over the course of a morning.

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